Endeavor: Age of Expansion

Created by Burnt Island Games

The gameplay you love from Endeavor: Age of Sail... with all new buildings, cards, and strategies. Making for an all new experience!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Address Changes and BGG's 20 Most Anticipated of 2020
8 days ago – Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 01:04:38 AM

Ahoy Backers,

It seems that these updates are coming at you fast and furious. A couple of things have come up over the last few days. Here they are ...

Address Changes

As you know, BackerKit is closed. At this time we can only take address changes through direct message here on Kickstarter. We are happy to change your address. Please keep in mind, there will be a cut-off date (when the backer reports are submitted to the fulfillment partner). And once we say that you can no long change your address, you actually can no longer change your address. 

If you know you aren't going to be around during this time, please give us an address of someone who can receive the game for you. This will avoid making you have to pay extra charges for fulfillment.

BGG's Most Anticipated of 2020

We made it! Thanks to you, Endeavor: Age of Expansion is in the final voting stages. The Expansion is nominated in the following categories:

  • Overall
  • Economic
  • Historical

Please take a minute to vote here! We're so excited to have been nominated, but it would be absolutely wonderful to have the Expansion win in 1 or more categories! 

If you already thumbed it during the nomination period, your vote will mean that much more to us. We appreciate you taking the time to help us build hype for the Expansion.

A Big Thank You To Backers

While so many things are going on around the world, you have all been incredibly patient and understanding. We are still thinking of those effected by the Coronavirus, and wish everyone good health. 

Bang Wee has informed me that the office is now back to work, and so are 30% of their factory workers. They will be back at full output by March 2nd. What's even more amazing is that Bang Wee is still paying their workers while they are away during this very difficult time. We are proud to be partnering with such an upstanding company.

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

Another Shipping Update
13 days ago – Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 11:37:35 PM

Ahoy Backers,

It seems like just yesterday I wrote to you to tell you that the US shipment was still unconfirmed. Well, the good news is that today the shipment is confirmed to have left China!! Yes, it is true!! Here is the  current state of fulfillment for Endeavor: Age of Expansion


Shipment due to JAX on Mar. 2nd, and then  due to QML the week of Mar. 9th. 

Vessel - CAPE AKRITAS/2E. (HBL - SSZ120100616)

Fulfillment Timeline

To begin Mar. 17th - Mar. 19th, but they will confirm after the games arrive at QML.

Europe/Central and South America

Shipment was delayed until after the return from the Lunar New Year. It is planned to make next available sailing. Estimated Sailing  date is Mar. 1st, and estimated Port Arrival (SOU) – Mar. 26th!!

Vessel - AL MURAYKH 011W

Fulfillment Timeline

Based on the estimated port arrival we anticipate that fulfillment will begin the week of Apr. 6th – week of Apr. 13th. We will be able to confirm after the games arrive at GQ.


Shipment should arrive to the Aetherworks warehouse by the end of this week. We will confirm receipt with the Aetherworks team. 

Vessel - COSCO Felixstowe. (HBL - SSZ120100588)

Fulfillment Timeline

We are anticipating fulfillment to begin Feb. 24th – Mar. 6th, but will be able to confirm after the games are confirmed received by Aetherworks.

Asia/Africa/Middle East/Brazil/Mexico

VFI is sending them after workers return to work. 

Fulfillment Timeline

This will be updated soon.

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

Shipping Updates
15 days ago – Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 01:52:59 AM

Ahoy, Backers! 

Our minds and our hearts are with our Chinese backers, Fulfillment Partners, and Manufacturers. As the Coronavirus saga continues, we are learning that the Chinese government's efforts to contain the virus are keeping our partners from working. They likely won't be returning to work for at least another  week. We wish all of our backers and partners strength in this very difficult time.

We want you to know that we continue to stay in touch with the factory and fulfillment partners to make sure we get your games to you as quickly as possible. This morning we received an e-mail from our manufacturer, and here's the information:


Nothing has changed as far as we know. The games were picked up from factory before CNY, but we still don't know if they are on a ship.

Australia/New Zealand

The games were picked up from factory before CNY, and are slated to arrive on land on February 18th. Today we have sent Aetherworks our Backer Report for all Australian and New Zealand pledges so that we can begin shipping ASAP.

Europe, Excluding German and Spanish Games

These games are at the factory, awaiting pick up when back to work.

China/Africa/Middle East/Central America/South America/Mexico/Brazil

These games are still at the factory, and will ship out when VFI and Bang Wee are back to work.

So while it's not the best news, things are in motion. Keep the people of China in your thoughts.

How About Some Good News?

BGG's 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2020 nominations have are just about to end. Endeavor: Age of Expansion stands a great chance of winning the Expansion category. To be taken into consideration, it needs thumbs. Please help us out by thumbing it here. Keep in mind, this is only the nomination phase. Soon, the voting phase will begin and we'll need you to vote for it then too! Thanks so much for your amazing support!

 What We're Up To...

Grand Gamers Guild launched their newest game today: Gorinto. It's very different from anything they've done before. Taking a turn from their previous projects is kind of what they do. 

Click on the image to take you there!

Gorinto, an abstract(ish) engine-builder, is like Azul and Kingdom Builder had a baby. While the core mechanic is the same every turn--move a tile from the Path (perimeter) onto the Mountain (main board), and gather surrounding tiles--how you go about implementing your tactics will vary from game to game. Gorinto plays 1-4 in 30-45 minutes, and will feature both solo and partner play.

The campaign is live and you can back Gorinto now! Thank you for checking it out. Grand Gamers Guild is very grateful for your continued support.

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Marc)

Fulfillment, Addresses, and Voting for Age of Expansion on BGG
27 days ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 12:34:23 AM

Ahoy Backers,

We've been waiting for final details about the Endeavor: Age of Expansion freight from China to the rest of the world. Here is what we know at this point: 


Estimated Port Arrival: March 2
Estimated Fulfillment from QML: Week of Mar. 16 - Week of Mar. 30 

** We still do not have confirmation that this has actually left China yet. QML, who is coordinating the freight from China, says that they will give us an update in the coming weeks.

Europe, Central and South America (delayed) 

Estimated Sailing: Feb. 8
Estimated Port Arrival: Mar. 12

Australia and New Zealand

Estimated Sailing: Jan. 27 (this has not been confirmed)
Estimated Port Arrival: Feb. 8

Asia, Africa, Middle East, Mexico, and Brazil 

Your games are being shipped to VFI during the week of February 9th,  if all goes as planned. As you know, may 

We will have a clearer picture by the beginning of next week. We will update you again then.


A Note on German Games from Board Game Circus and Frosted Games

Liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer der deutschsprachigen Ausgabe von Endeavor! Wir von Board Game Circus und Frosted Games haben unsere Druckdaten fertiggestellt und übermitteln diese nun sukzessive an Josh Cappel von Burnt Island Games, der sie für uns – entsprechend der Vorgaben der Druckerei – an ebendiese übermittelt. Momentan haben wir noch Puffer, bis die Fabrik nach Chinese New Year wieder öffnet. In dieser Zeit erhalten wir sogenannte Proofs (Korrekturabzüge) der Druckdaten zur Freigabe.

Wir, also Matthias von Frosted Games und Daniel von Board Game Circus, möchten uns ganz herzlich für eure Geduld bedanken. Wir sind der Meinung, sehr gute Regelwerke geschaffen zu haben, sowohl für die Erweiterungen als auch für das runderneuerte Grundspiel. Und wir konnten diesmal wirklich alles lokalisieren, also auch die Gebäudeplättchen, den Spielplan, die Karten usw. Das war viel Arbeit aber es hat sich gelohnt! 

Burnt Island Games und Grand Gamers Guild trifft keine Verantwortung, wenn es um die „Verspätung“ geht. So zu arbeiten, wie wir es getan haben, war eine bewusste Entscheidung von uns. Für euch. 
Daniel und Matthias

Dear Backers of the German version of Endeavor, we - Board game Circus and Frosted Games - have finished editing our print files and have started submitting these to Josh Cappel, the designer of Burnt Island Games. Josh will review these and help us with some text effects that he'll apply while we are spending our time proofing the remaining text bits (specifically the new rulebook of the base game, the new Exploits and the rulebook of the expansion). We currently have some buffer because the manufacturing company is still in their Chinese New Year holidays.

We, Matthias from Frosted Games and Daniel from Board Game Circus, like to thank you four your patience. It took us some time to finish the files but we are convinced that we have done a great job creating wonderful rulebooks and components that are worthy of a new edition that is so much more than just a reprint. This time we had the opportunity to localize everything and not just the box and rulebooks: the cards, the board, all tokens and the building tiles! It was an immense amount of work but well worth it.

Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamer's Guild showed a lot of patience too. As you know their games have gone to print earlier than our edition. The delay of our edition was solely based on our approach and the way we are working, sharing the editing work between two publishing houses. It was a conscious decision, made by us. For you.
Thank you so much and all the best
Daniel & Matthias

Closing BackerKit and Address Changes

Backers, because we were delayed with shipping a bit, we decided that we were going to keep BackeKit open for a bit longer. This is your last chance to change your address, as we will be locking them as of Monday morning, February 3, at 9am EST. After that, we will not allow address changes through the system.

On that note ... if you are unsure if you are going to be around when your package is shipping, please arrange to have your game sent to another address where you know someone will be. Maybe your brother's house, or your neighbour's house, or even your place of business. Once addresses are locked, that is where your game is going to be sent. It is very difficult to change this once it's locked in.


Vote for Endeavor: Age of Expansion

Click on the image to take you there!

BGG's 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2020 nominations have begun. It was nominated in 6 different categories and stands a great chance of winning. To be taken into consideration, it needs thumbs. Please help us out by thumbing it here. Keep in mind, this is only the nomination phase. Soon, the voting phase will begin and we'll need you to vote for it then too! Thanks so much for your amazing support!

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

Shipping Update, Endeavor on BGG, and Happy Lunar New Year!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 11:05:29 PM

Ahoy Backers,

We know that you are all eagerly awaiting news on shipping of Endeavor: Age of Expansion, so I'll get right into it. 

We have been trying as hard as we can to get clarification about the games leaving China and headed out to the world. At this time of year, communication with China is very slow, being that it is their Chinese New Year celebrations and holiday. 

Here are the things we know:

Spanish Games seem like they have made it out of China. If they have, it means that they will arrive in Spain at Maldito headquarters mid-February. News of their fulfillment is forthcoming.

Games headed to GamesQuest in the UK (Europe [not Spanish or German games], Central America, South America, Mexico), are sitting in a container at the port in China. The shipment is delayed until after the Lunar New Year. Their expected landing date is March 12th.

Games headed to VFI in China (Asia, Middle East, Brazil, Africa) will be delivered the first day back at work after the Chinese holiday. They will be the first games to be fulfilled.

Games headed to Aetherworks (Australia and New Zealand) should arrive February 8th. News of fulfillment for Australians and New Zealanders is also forthcoming.

Games headed to Canada and the US via Quartermaster seem like they have left China. But Quartermaster isn't entirely sure of that at this point. They promise to keep me posted as soon as they learn something new. If the games did leave, it seems that they won't reach land until March 2nd.

German games are still delayed. We will wait to hear from Board Game Circus/Frosted Games soon for an update.

Endeavor on BGG

This is beyond our wildest dreams!!  We are so absolutely proud of this game. 

Not only is the game rated 8.1 after being listed for 2 years, but is still rising through the ranks. Having Endeavor: Age of Sail in the top 120 games on BGG is a dream come true for us. It is so nice to see how many others feel the way we do about this amazing game. If you have played, but haven't yet rated the game on BGG, why not do it now? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/233398/endeavor-age-sail/ratings?rated=1

Kung Hei Fat Choi/Xinnian Kuaile

Happy Year of the Rat Backers! Enjoy your celebrations with your loved ones. 

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)