Endeavor: Age of Expansion

Created by Burnt Island Games

The gameplay you love from Endeavor: Age of Sail... with all new buildings, cards, and strategies. Making for an all new experience!

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The Sample is IN!!
11 days ago – Wed, Nov 06, 2019 at 11:31:50 PM

Ahoy Backers! 

We are here to tell you some really fantastic news! The sample of Endeavor: Age of Expansion is in, and it is SPECTACULAR! We are so impressed with BangWee's ability to produce quality products. This game just shines. Take a look ...

Although it shows black here, the colour of the tray is going to be consistent with the tray in Age of Sail. It will be grey.
Check out the double sided tiles! The sunset sky with white title is the Age of Expansion side. The fully blue sky with dark title is the original Age of Sail side.
Tiles and Monument from the Seize Your Fate expansion

Age of Expansion at PAX Unplugged

If you are going to be at PAX U in Philadelphia in December, stop by to say hi! We'll have the sample of Age of Expansion there with us. And if you're lucky enough to snag a seat at the Endeavor demo table, you might even get to play it! Grand Gamers Guild (booth 3237) and Burnt Island Games/Kids Table Board Gaming (we are listed under Kids Table Board Gaming - our sibling, booth 3336) will be sharing a 20x20 booth and have plenty of room for demos this time around. Can't wait to show this amazingly beautiful game to you!

What We're Up To


We are in our last day and a half on our Fossilis Kickstarter campaign. In Fossilis you will explore a unique 3D gameboard and unearth incredible dinosaur fossils as your paleontologist rivals shift the terrain around you! Back it now and play it at PAX U!

Click on the image to take you there!

Grand Gamers Guild

GGG's next game is on the horizon. It will launch on Kickstarter in the Winter of 2020. Gorinto is a thoughtful abstract where players select elements from the Path and move them onto the Mountain. Each element collects in a specific pattern as it arrives on the Mountain, challenging you with finding the ideal route to balance and harmony. Will you achieve perfect understanding? Visit the PAX U booth for a demo from GGG's amazing demo team, and sign up for a launch day reminder now!

Click on the image to sign up for a KS launch date reminder

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

Closing BackerKit and Charter Cos. Mini Expansion
2 months ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 03:11:00 AM

Ahoy Backers!

A short update today. So let's get down to it ...

Charter Companies Mini-Expansion

To those of you who have backed for the Spanish or German versions of Endeavor: Age of Sail and/or Endeavor: Age of Expansion, we have made the Charter Cos. mini-expansion available to you if you are interested in it. Please add it to your existing order and we will deliver it with your order.

Closing BackerKit

The time for us to close BackerKit orders has already come and gone. But we always like to give you a heads-up before we actually do it. We will be closing BackerKit this coming Monday, September 9th at 9am EST. This only means that we will not be taking any new orders for some time. It does not mean that we need your final addresses yet, or that we'll be charging your credit cards for shipping yet.

Credit cards will be charged on October 1st. So you still have some time before that happens. Our plan is to ship your games ASAP. We've given ourselves until the end of February for that. So, don't worry about your addresses for some time. If we happen to be able to ship to you earlier, we'll let you know. So if you are planning a move, keep your eyes and ears open for that deadline.

Age of Expansion at Essen

Grand Gamers Guild will be at Essen once again! We'll update you soon with a booth number. But Marc will be there with his team and Age of Expansion. Make sure you stop by if you get a chance.

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

BackerKit Surveys, Retailers, and Other Important Info
3 months ago – Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 08:43:25 PM

Ahoy Backers,

It has been quite some time since we sent out the BackerKit surveys. Things have been going smoothly. If you have not yet filled out your survey, please do. This will help us get numbers together for manufacturing. If you think you haven't received your survey as of yet or cannot find your link, please let us know by DMing Burnt Island Games. We'll take care of you.

Retail Backers

You have been so patient! We did send out BackerKit surveys to you as well. All we require from you at this time is your address that we will be fulfilling your order to. Over the next several weeks we will be contacting you for your actual order. Once we get that from you, we can figure out shipping and let you know what your remaining balance is. We'll be sending you a PayPal invoice once games have left the factory and are making their way to your regions. 

Please do not worry if you cannot find a place to add-on through BackerKit. This is not the place for your order. We will take care of you on the back end. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to DM or email us!

German Backers of Endeavor: Age of Sail (from our previous campaign)

Click on the image to take you to BackerKit
Click on the image to take you to BackerKit

Board Game Circus and Frosted Games are happy to announce that they will be offering the Exploits and rulebooks that you originally (for our first campaign, not this one) bought with Age of Sail, auf Deutsch. So, if you have already filled out your survey, but would like to add these components in German, please go back to BackerKit and add it on.

***Keep in mind that this is ONLY for people who have the English base game but want the rulebooks and Exploits in German. If you have ordered your base game in German you do NOT need to add these.

Endeavor: Age of Sail and Age of Expansion at Gen Con

We were so excited to run many, many demos of Age of Sail to all of you amazing people! As at every convention, we have people clamouring to play. The best part for us is when you, our amazing backers, stop by to tell us how much you've been enjoying your time playing the game. It warms our hearts and really solidifies for us why we are doing this. 

Endeavor: Age of Sail and Age of Expansion at Essen Spiel

Grand Gamers Guild is happy to announce that Endeavor: Age of Sail/Expansion demos will be running full time at the game fair. Find booth 5H108, and you'll see the many people crowded around GGG's amazing games (Endangered and The Artemis Project will also be there). While you are there, say hi to Marc. He loves to meet our amazing backers. But also, sit down and play a few rounds.

That's all for now Backers!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

BackerKit and Dates
4 months ago – Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 03:09:25 AM

Ahoy Backers!

Well, it's been a busy few weeks around here getting everything in order for our BackerKit survey going out to you this week. We're excited to begin this next leg of the journey with you.

If you have never used BackerKit before as a pledge manager, here's what you can expect:

Today we'll be sending out a "Smoke Test" to 5% of backers. These backers will receive the BackerKit email with a link in it to their own personal BackerKit survey. Once these backers have received and have filled out their surveys with no obvious issues, we will send out the rest of the surveys within 24 hours. This process of choosing the first 5% of backers is totally random. So if you aren't one of the first, don't be alarmed. 

On the survey you will answer several questions, give us your address, tell us what items you want us to send to you for your pledge. The survey will also take a credit card number from you in order to charge you for shipping. At this time you can add-on anything you'd like from our BackerKit store, including extra copies of Age of Expansion and Age of Sail


Age of Expansion Timeline

Lock Order Date: September 1, 2019

This is the date that we are going to lock your surveys. We do this so that we know how many items to order. Don't worry, you will be able to change your address for many months after this. So if you are planning on moving and don't know your new address yet, you have nothing to worry about.

Charge Credit Card Date: October 1, 2019

This is the date that we are going to charge your credit cards for extra add-ons and shipping Age of Expansion to your region.

Estimated Shipping Date: February 28, 2020

We will likely be shipping Age of Expansion to you before the estimated shipping date. However, we have given you this date based on our experience of "anything can happen." We know that there can be delays along the way, such as freight slowdowns and fulfillment backups. It is always best to have some buffer time included. It is better to be surprised by an early delivery, than upset because we missed our date.

What's Next?

Endeavor: Age of Expansion is going to be at Gen Con. Come visit the KTBG (Burnt Island Games) and Grand Gamers Guild booths, numbers 2106 and 2108, to have a look at the Expansion and maybe even sit down to play a demo. We're so excited to have it there with us. If you're excited about this game as much as we are, give it a thumb on the BGG Gen Con Hotness here and here.

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)

Ashore at Last!
5 months ago – Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 12:45:36 AM

Ahoy Backers!

With $265,211CA pledged, 726% funded, 5,229 backers, and 0 minutes left, we've ended with HUGE cannon fire! What a whirlwind the last 4 hours have been. I have never been part of a campaign that ended like this one did.

To all of our new backers, thank you so much for joining us just in time. For those of you who have been here for the long haul, thank you!! On behalf of Marc and myself, we couldn't have done any of this without all of you. You, backers, make every minute of a campaign worthwhile.

Now the Other Thank-Yous

To Jarratt and Carl, the designers of Endeavor: Age of Sail, none of this would have been possible without your trust and belief in us (Marc and Helaina). We will forever be grateful for this!

To Jarratt for coming up with the amazing Endeavor: Age of Expansion. Your ability to take a game that has been loved for a decade and breathe new life into it is really what drove this campaign. You are incredibly talented and we are so pleased to be working with you.

To Josh, who tirelessly worked to create the look and feel of Endeavor: Age of Sail and Expansion, who worked endlessly on images, and cards, and symbols, and tracks, and ships, and EVERYTHING. You are also every bit to thank for the success of this campaign.

To Sean for writing the most interesting, engaging, and thought-provoking text. Leading up to the campaign it was your updates that really got us excited for it. And it was your updates throughout the campaign that keep us engaged!

Where would we be without Yuri Victor and Stuart Dunn for being our #1 fans (haha, you have to share it!), Bruce Miller for endless convention events, and finally Eric Pett and Cammy Warfield for booth demos. Your dedication to us has really been felt. Thank you so much for sticking around for all of this time.

And, so, we say goodnight to you, Backers. This was so much fun! We'll be back within the next week to tell you about our next steps. 

Have a great night/day (wherever you are)!

With incredible gratitude,

The Endeavor: Age of Expansion Team (written by Helaina)